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The Roundup: October 2011

Here's a brief roundup of what's taken place in Yu-Gi-Oh! and on the blog over the past month. You can find all this month's articles by clicking here.

This month's top story:

Billy Brake makes it 2 YCS titles in succession.

YCS Columbus took place this month and despite all the pre-event talk about Dark World potentially dominating the event, it was the surprise underperformer as Tengu Plant variants took up the majority of seats in the Top 32. Of those Plant Duelists was one Billy Brake, who's been on an impressive run of form lately. This was his second YCS title in succession, something that's only ever been done once before (by Ryan Hayakawa, many, many years ago)

Product updates:

The usual mix of press releases and product spoilers filtered out over the month and if you've been an active follower of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG you'll have known about these already, but here's a brief recap of everything regardless.

Samurai Assault
Six Samurai Card Sleeves
2011 Collectible Tins: Wave 2

Spoiler - Structure Deck: Gates of the Underworld
Spoiler - Yu-Gi-Oh! Adventskalender (Note: German/Austrian exclusive)

New Strategy Site content:

Here's the newly-published content that I wrote for Konami's Strategy Site this month.

Photon Sabre Tiger

Event updates:

All the action from YCS Columbus.
Videos from Conclave II

YCS Brighton announced.
More details about YCS Brighton.
YCS Kansas announced.