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(Spoiler) Gates of the Underworld Structure Deck

The Gates of the Underworld Structure Deck is out next week in North America ans as is always the way with product releases, Europe gets it a few days early. With that in mind there is always some French/German site out there ready to reveal the contents of a set before anybody else, and it's no different for this product.

In English, and sorted alphabetically, it comes out as this:

Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World
Belial - Marquis of Darkness
Broww, Huntsman of Dark World
Brron, Mad King of Dark World
Celri, Guru of Dark World
Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World
Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World
Gren, Tactician of Dark World
Kahkki, Guerilla of Dark World
Reign-Beaux, Overlord of Dark World
Renge, Gatekeeper of Dark World
Scarr, Scout of Dark World
Sillva, Warlord of Dark World
Snoww, Unlight of Dark World
Zure, Knight of Dark World
Battle Fader
Card Guard
Goblin King
Grave Squirmer

Allure of Darkness
Card Destruction
Dark Eruption
Dark World Dealings
Dark World Lightning
Gateway to Dark World x2
The Gates of Dark World

Dark Bribe
Dark Deal
Dark Scheme
Deck Devastation Virus
Eradicator Epidemic Virus
Escape from the Dark Dimension
Mind Crush
The Forces of Darkness
The Transmigration Prophecy

You can find full details about each card on Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia, and also compare the Structure deck to its OCG counterpart to see what's been changed:

- Gaap the Divine Solider
- Darkness Neosphere
- Giant Germ
- Dark Necrofear
- Demise of the Land
- Recurring Nightmare
- United We Stand

+ Zure, Knight of Dark World
+ Renge, Gatekeeper of Dark World
+ Newdoria
+ Card Guard
+ Goblin King
+ Dark Eruption
+ Dark Deal