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(Spoiler) Yu-Gi-Oh! Adventskalender

Last month word broke from Germany about a Christmas-Themes product exclusive to that region. The reprint set would contain 24 cards, all Super Rare or higher, and 1 pack of Extreme Victory. The spoiler was posted from the same source earlier this week.

Source: Spieletom (via Pojo)

Promo contents:

AC11-DE024 Stardust Dragon (Secret Rare)

AC11-DE003 Black Winged Dragon (Ultra Rare)
AC11-DE009 Formula Synchron (Ultra Rare)
AC11-DE012 Ancient Fairy Dragon (Ultra Rare)
AC11-DE015 Power Tool Dragon (Ultra Rare)
AC11-DE018 Black Rose Dragon (Ultra Rare)
AC11-DE021 Nitro Warrior (Ultra Rare)
AC11-DE0?? Red Dragon Archfiend (Ultra Rare)

AC11-DE001 Junk Synchron (Super Rare)
AC11-DE002 Morphtronic Remoten (Super Rare)
AC11-DE004 Shiny Pixie (Super Rare)
AC11-DE005 Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow (Super Rare)
AC11-DE008 Twin-Sword Marauder (Super Rare)
AC11-DE010 Rose Tentacles (Super Rare)
AC11-DE013 Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn (Super Rare)
AC11-DE014 Sunlight Unicorn (Super Rare)
AC11-DE016 Kuribon (Super Rare)
AC11-DE017 Big Piece Golem (Super Rare)
AC11-DE019 Morphtronic Boomboxen (Super Rare)
AC11-DE020 Dark Resonator (Super Rare)
AC11-DE022 Rose Fairy (Super Rare)
AC11-DE023 Blackwing - Aurora the Northern Lights (Super Rare)
AC11-DE0?? Shield Warrior (Super Rare)
AC11-DE0?? Nitro Synchron (Super Rare)