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The Roundup: November 2011

Here's a brief roundup of what's taken place in Yu-Gi-Oh! and on the blog over the past month. You can find all this month's articles by clicking here.

5 essential Fusion Monsters for your HERO Deck.

Konami have published the latest strategy article I did for them, give it a look!

(Spoiler) Structure Deck: Dragonic Legion

Dragonic Legion is the next/latest Structure Deck to hit the OCG, and focuses on LIGHT and DARK monsters, primarily Dragon-Types. The TCG version (Dragons Collide) will arrive after Christmas and some minor changes are expected, but the OCG version's pretty much a known quantity now, so here's the (incomplete) spoiler.

Some Public Event info for YCS Brighton

Konami have posted a little news article on some of the attractions of YCS Brighton, mainly regarding Public Events. The YCS takes place a week before Christmas, in the South of England.

The run-up to YCS #100.

Since the dawn of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG a decade ago we've seen major events take place all over the world, with thousands of Duelists competing for fame and glory. The highlight of the Dueling season for many is when they attend a Championship-level event, and we're now nearing the hundred mark.

Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon

My latest article for Konami's official strategy site has gone up. You can view it on their site by hitting this link or read on below.

All the action from YCS Kansas

The last major North American event of 2011 took place in Kansas City, Missouri over the weekend, and as always Konami provided live coverage of the event. You can read the coverage by hitting this link, or by using the index below to get to a specific article.

New portfolio, prints and more.

Evening everybody, time for a few updates. I've been quite busy this past week with a lot of stuff for and a few (big and small) changes have taken place, so it's best to keep you all in the loop as to what's been going on.

Hidden Arsenal 5: Special Edition

Over the Summer Duelists were able to pick up Hidden Arsenal Special Edition sets, North America getting HA01/02/03 and the rest of the world getting HA04 only. With Hidden Arsenal 5 on the way it looks like there'll be another Special Edition doing the rounds.

Custom Cards

Every Duelist likes to have some accessories on-hand when they attend a tournament, or just to have them because they look cool. Some people collect OCG cards, others desire specific playmats, and we all know about Rodrigo's pink elephant. Several people (myself included) like the look of customised card artworks, and tend to use them as Token cards for various effects.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Next-Gen Dueling Kit

Over the weekend a new product popped up on the Internet, a Dueling kit which combines a few previous products together into a handy little package for new/younger Duelists.

Hidden Arsenal 5: Steelswarm Invasion

Looks like the product page for the new Hidden Arsenal set is up.

Looking ahead to YCS Kansas

YCS Kansas is the final major North American event of 2011 and Duelists Stateside are in the final stages of Deck preparation for the event. So far this format's thrown up a few surprises and there are several Decktypes capable of making it to the Top 32. I found this interesting analysis over on DuelistGroundz which looks at the main contenders.

No, I don't make mats...

Every so often I get messages from fellow Duelists who are looking for custom playmat designs, and would like me to put something together for them. This is natural as I used to make mats a few years ago, and outside of YGO-related stuff I'm a freelance digital artist. However I just want to make it known to everybody that I don't do "the mat thing anymore" for a few reasons.

(Spoiler) Photon Shockwave

The Photon Shockwave Sneak Peeks took place across the TCG regions this past weekend and by Monday the entire set's contents was known and posted on Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia. The users of Pojo were also compiling a list over the weekend and here's everything you can look forward to picking up when the set goes on general release later this month.

Photon Shockwave Sneak Peek this weekend.

The Photon Shockwave Sneak Peek takes place around the world this weekend and will be your first opportunity to see the cards from the latest booster set to hit the TCG. Here's some more information on the event to have a read over before it takes place.

Travel advice for YCS Brighton.

YCS Brighton is the last big Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG event of the year, taking place a week before Christmas. If you're heading to the event and haven't sorted your travel plans yet have a look below for some of the options available to you.

Order of Chaos revealed.

Shriek has posted a bit of information about Order of Chaos, the booster set that comes after Photon Shockwave. There's no specific information on cards in the set just yet other than what's already available in the OCG version, but here's the known info regardless.