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Hidden Arsenal 5: Special Edition

Over the Summer Duelists were able to pick up Hidden Arsenal Special Edition sets, North America getting HA01/02/03 and the rest of the world getting HA04 only. With Hidden Arsenal 5 on the way it looks like there'll be another Special Edition doing the rounds.

Source: Shriek (via Pojo)
Hidden Arsenal 5: Steelswarm Invasion Special Edition

3 Hidden Arsneal 5: Steelswarm Invasion
1 (of 2) variant cards

Not much info to go on there but it's the standard Special Edition deal of 3 packs and a promo, most likely a reprint of something useful.

Once news of this set broke on Pojo we got some more info from Kevin Tewart (of Konami) on the availability of the Special Edition.

Source: Kevin Tewart (via Pojo)
Please note that Hidden Arsenal 5 Special Edition is only for Europe, Latin America (and in Spanish only there), and Australia/New Zealand.

It will not be available in the U.S. or Canada.


Also note that Duel Terminal 6A comes out the same month. (But not in Europe, Latin America, or Oceania....)

"HA05:SE" will be available in January of next year, and once the promos are known I'll post about them here to keep you all in the loop. In the meantime you can speculate away in the comments as to what the 2 promos could possibly be.