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Looking ahead to YCS Kansas

YCS Kansas is the final major North American event of 2011 and Duelists Stateside are in the final stages of Deck preparation for the event. So far this format's thrown up a few surprises and there are several Decktypes capable of making it to the Top 32. I found this interesting analysis over on DuelistGroundz which looks at the main contenders.

Source: DuelistGroundz/benthegreat

I think everyone can agree that "Synchro Summon" (which is probably the more appropriate name at this point) is the deck to beat. It makes great use of the monsters Tengu and Tour Guide, which are, in my opinion, the best in the game. As far as Synchro Summoning goes, Tengu and Plants go hand-in-hand; allowing for TGHL into something else plays via Spore and GUB. But the real beauty of this deck, I believe, lies in its versatility. It can run Maxx Cs, TKROs, DD Crows...whatever. The backbone of the deck is strong enough to support myriad anti-meta cards without sacrificing maindeck consistency.

This is a boring prediction, but I have to believe this deck will have the most tops and has a damn good chance of winning the event.

Agents (Hyperion) are Agents(Hyperion). It's very hard to come back from a first-turn Venus play (regardless of whether it's Gachi alone or Stardust+Gachi). And most decks would kill to run as many boss monsters. Interestingly, the deck's best perceived boss, Kristya, has been falling out of favour among some in the community. I won't comment on this, but I will say that Kristya is the bane of the Plant deck's existence. Further, it spells game against a great many other decks. The deck packs a ton of power, and it is obviously not under the radar. However, cards like Banishing the Light are very difficult to deal with in Games 2 and 3. Further, in my experience, the deck has a tendency to beat itself, by occasionally opening with impossible hands.

Deck should and will place. Top 4 or even Top 2 is not out of the realm of possibility. Surprising, right? It's just one of those...so many bosses, you might just lose based on great draws.

It's my belief that this deck will fall out of favour after having only placed 1 in the last Top 32. It's anti-meta strength, though, is well-documented. But the prevalence of maindeck Rai-Oh and the fact that Dark World (especially when it mains DWL) is a tough match-up leads me to think people will be less inclined to play a "traditional" T.G. deck. However, Photon Saber Tiger will be legal, and with Gadgets, Ultimate Offering, Tengu, and Horn of the Phantom Beast, who knows what we might see?

I think a handful of things that include T.G. monster (not necessarily just Agent versions) will top. However, Debunk and Rai-Oh are basically sidedeck staples this format. Therefore, the T.G. deck is more easily broken than it was in earlier times. But, it is still an incredible core that has a lot of versatility.

Dark World
Oh Dark World, the great Columbus disappointment! From "the deck sucks" to "everyone was over-prepared," there are so many legitimate theories as to why the deck did not top that it is difficult to really understand why it failed to succeed. I have said this in the past and will repeat it now, I think that this is the greatest boon the Dark World deck could encounter. The less a player expects to play Dark World, the better Dark World will perform, and vice-versa. I still think a pair of Imps/Crow and Debunk will appear in most sidedecks, but I do not think the 10+ cards that many Columbus decks sided will reoccur. Oh, Dark Smog exists now...I have no idea what, if any, effect this card will have. It is not bad, but how good it is has yet to be determined.

I will be shocked if multiple DW decks do not top. I expect those that top will run 2-3x Dark World Dealings AND Card Destruction. Since the mirror match should be less of a liability, I think it will finally perform to expectations.

Karakuri is maybe the least discussed, best deck of this format. The deck's core is incredibly solid, and its ability to maindeck anti-meta and side very versatility is high. It can move between OTK and Control during the course of a single game. Frankly, the deck has always been good, but it needed a metagame full of less-good decks and a good build to come into the forefront. It's never had a better chance to shine.

It's not the best deck out there, but it's certainly not bad. I believe a few (2-4) should top. It could actually place a few more, now that the deck is gaining popularity/notoriety.

I will preface this by saying two things: 1) The only deck worth mentioning is the Dinosaur-build 2) I have actually done an extensive amount of testing with it. I believe that this deck is a weaker version of Six Samurai. If it opens well, or can open into a solid gamestate, it will beat you. If it can't, there are severe problems. These problems are compounded by the fact that Six Samurai could at least make due with other Synchro monsters and Hand of the Six. Rabbit decks play 6 Normal Monsters with great attack. (You DON'T want to draw them all that often). Rabbit decks typically (and with a degree of success) mitigate this weakness by maindecking Dimensional Fissure and Macro Cosmos.

I don't anticipate too many Rabbit decks topping. First, they will be in short supply, i.e. expensive, this quickly. Second, at this point, it's a hit-or-miss deck that isn't that great. 1 maybe 2 should top. It could be straight up shut out.

The deck MIGHT see a brief resurgence for the simple reasons that 1) It's a decent anti-meta build; and 2) a lot of the stuff is cool and foil now. Further, the Fusion Gate/Rabbit /maybe Rabbit w/o Gate/Maybe Gate w/o Rabbit builds are not all that bad.

It isn't inconceivable that some manner of Hero-based deck makes T32. It might even T16. However, barring something I haven't seen or totally failed to anticipate, I don't see multiple Hero decks in the T16, if even 1.

Gladiator Beast
The deck that won't die. A Hero Lives is a big boon. The fact that it can main cards like Maxx C, Veiler, and Crow helps. Heraklinos+Chariot is game against pretty much anything. If this happens...well you lose.

While the deck is nowhere near dominant anymore (and some may even say it's barely good compared to other options), I'd be a fool to count it completely out of contention. 1 might sneak into the T32.

Who knows what "anti-meta" will consist of, but it almost invariably tops every event. (Thanks to Solemn Warning and Pot of Duality). Whether it's Malefic, Hero Beat, Stun, Macro or something else, it might top. So...I don't know...ummm side some Dust Tornadoes?

We might see one.

........I really don't envision anything else of any significance topping. Monarch, Chaos, Dragon, Blackwing, Saber, etc. are all fine decks. And, while I won't say that making T32 is not an achievement, it's not exactly crazy difficult for an off-beat deck piloted by a solid player to Day 2 and Top. But I truly believe the Top 16 will comprise of the first 6 mentioned decks; and not even most of them.

Just stirring up discussion.
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