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New portfolio, prints and more.

Evening everybody, time for a few updates. I've been quite busy this past week with a lot of stuff for and a few (big and small) changes have taken place, so it's best to keep you all in the loop as to what's been going on.

New F1 posters.

First up are the new Formula 1 posters that I've been working on recently. If you were following the blog in the past few weeks you might have seen that I was given permission to sell altered versions of my Formula 1 poster series, put them together and sent off some files for test printing. After going through the test process a few times things have come out just right and the order for the first run of prints has been sent out. Assuming everything goes to plan they'll be on sale from Wednesday onwards and the product pages are already up, so feel free to take a gander.

Here's the nuts and bolts for those who are curious:
  • The first 5 copies of each poster will sell at a discounted rate of €25 (+ shipping).
  • Once the discounted ones are sold out the price reverts to its standard €30 (+ shipping).
  • These posters are limited to 50 copies each.
  • The posters are A2 sized, which is about 17" x 24" for you American folk.
  • These posters are unofficial and have nothing to do with the F1 group of companies.

New portfolio layout.

Back in September I overhauled my portfolio (which lead to the redesign of this blog too) and it was working well for me to a degree. After using it for a while I came across a few minor visual issues when adding new work to it, so I decided to have a rethink and change things for the better. Fortunately CargoCollective's an awesome system to use and I found a template that I could work with, and tinkered away. I'm no web designer but fiddling about with CSS values is strangely enjoyable to me and the design is now pretty much finished. You can find it here. Bear in mind that there's a few issues with it on Internet Explorer, as IE generally makes a mess of everything in general. Works fine on Chrome/FireFox and Safari though!

New site URLs.

The change to the portfolio also ties in with the changes to where you can find stuff across the "PJ Tierney network" (what a lame title...). If you've got things bookmarked you should take note of the following.

Basically, the locations of the blog and portfolio have switched. The reason for this is that I want to showcase my work first and foremost so that I can (hopefully) pick up new clients and so-on. I felt that with my main URL linking to the blog it wasn't obvious from the outset that I'm a freelancer, hence the switch. The downside of this is that anything that previously linked to blog posts is now a "dead link", but it had to be done. I'll fix up the links in important locations when I come across them.

Other than that everything's "comin' up Millhouse", and I'm nearing the completion of a few exciting projects I can hopefully tell you all about real soon.