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No, I don't make mats...

Every so often I get messages from fellow Duelists who are looking for custom playmat designs, and would like me to put something together for them. This is natural as I used to make mats a few years ago, and outside of YGO-related stuff I'm a freelance digital artist. However I just want to make it known to everybody that I don't do "the mat thing anymore" for a few reasons.

Back in late 2006 when I started my University course at Limerick School of Art and Design, I came across the wonders of Photoshop. As I was getting back into Yu-Gi-Oh! at that time I ended up playing about with card images so that I could learn how Photoshop worked and what I could do with it. As I got more involved with the Dueling community a group of mat designers surfaced on Pojo and we set up a single location to talk about mat design and help each other develop our skills. That community's still active today over on the Pojo forums and some of the original artists still post there, which is nice to see.

Anyways, I used to be quite active in terms of mat making but I stopped doing it a year or 2 ago for various reasons. First off I wanted to focus on original artwork, and try and carve out a career as a freelance artist/designer. Things have been going okay in that field so far, and you can check out my work here. Secondly, since late 2009 I've been doing writing for Konami's Yu-Gi-Oh! Strategy Site, and as of mid 2010 I've been travelling to major events to help provide tournament coverage for Konami Europe. Since custom mat designs usually involved taking a card image and editing it to some degree, it would generate a conflict of interest between myself and Konami, hence why I stopped. It wouldn't be right for me to continue doing custom mat designs and breaking copyright rules in the process, since custom designs are essentially "knock-offs" which (depending on the design) could damage the way the Yu-Gi-Oh! brand is presented.

To cut a long story short, I don't do custom mats anymore, so please don't ask. If you're after something more professional you can check out my portfolio and send me a message, or otherwise pick up some of my prints which are available to order, but I won't be "plonking a Dark Armed Dragon into a .PSD" anytime soon, just so you all know :)