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Order of Chaos revealed.

Shriek has posted a bit of information about Order of Chaos, the booster set that comes after Photon Shockwave. There's no specific information on cards in the set just yet other than what's already available in the OCG version, but here's the known info regardless.

Source: Shriek

Order of Chaos is the stunning sequel to 2004’s Invasion of Chaos, the legendary, best-selling booster pack that started the immortal battle between light and darkness in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME. The confrontation continues in this brand new booster set, with 100 new monsters, spells, and traps. Duelists will be able to get their hands on some of the coolest cards ever created. Transforming Ninjas will do battle with an invading army clad in insectoid power armor, amid a sea of all devouring Xyz Monsters, only in Order of Chaos!

Cards from order of Chaos can be combined with cards from the Dragunity Legion Structure Deck, Gold Series 4 and Photon Shockwave for incredible combos!

100 card complete set contains:
  • 48 Common cards
  • 20 Rare cards
  • 14 Super Rare cards
  • 10 Ultra/Ultimate Rare cards
  • 8 Secret Rare cards

The OCG set can be viewed here if you want to see what the main cards in the set are (the set's OCG release is November 19). Like previous boosters there'll be 10 World Premiere cards (1 of which will most likely be a Sneak Peek promo) and 10 "OCG Import" cards. We won't know anything about those for a while I bet.

Which cards are you liking the look of so far? Have your say in the comments below.