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The Roundup: November 2011

Here's a brief roundup of what's taken place in Yu-Gi-Oh! and on the blog over the past month. You can find all this month's articles by clicking here.

This month's top story:

YCS #100 announced.

While YCS Kansas was taking place an announcement was made regarding the upcoming events in the new year. After December's YCS in Brighton we head to Mexico, Germany, Atlanta and finally to the 100th event at Long Beach, California at the end of March.

Product updates:

This month saw Photon Shockwave hit the shelves and several new cards made an impact at YCS Kansas, most notably the Evolzar monsters and Rescue Rabbit.

Order of Chaos revealed.
Hidden Arsenal 5: Steelswarm Invasion
Yu-Gi-Oh! Next-Gen Dueling Kit
Hidden Arsenal 5: Special Edition

Spoiler - Photon Shockwave
Spoiler (OCG) - Dragonic Legion

New Strategy Site content:

Some more of the articles I recently wrote for the Konami Strategy Site have gone up.

5 essential Elemental HERO Fusion Monsters.
Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon

Event updates:

Photon Shockwave Sneak Peek
YCS Kansas - Preview
YCS Kansas - Coverage Roundup
YCS Brighton - Travel Advice
YCS Brighton - Public Events

On top of all this I've been quite active over on my other blog as well, so feel free to check it out for some non-YGO-related action.