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Some Public Event info for YCS Brighton

Konami have posted a little news article on some of the attractions of YCS Brighton, mainly regarding Public Events. The YCS takes place a week before Christmas, in the South of England.
Source: Konami

At each of the previous European Premier events like the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series or the WCQ: European Championship, Konami has offered a range of widely-popular Public events for all those players who didn’t want to or couldn’t participate in the Main event. For the YCS Brighton (December 17/18), this tradition will not only continue, but the Public Events will be more interesting than ever, with new cool event types and increased prize support!

Many of the previous events featured a “YCS Trial” – 128 participants Dueling for a sponsored trip to the next European YCS. This time, however, we’ll up the ante for the Trial: Next spring will see the 100th Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series in Long Beach, USA (March 24/25). To celebrate this anniversary, the YCS Trial in Brighton will not offer a paid trip to the next European YCS, but to California instead, including flight and hotel!

For the first time, the YCS will also offer WCQ: Regionals as Public events, and with them a chance to qualify for the WCQ: European Championship 2012. For the younger Duelists, there will be a Dragon Duel event, which will also qualify directly to the WCQ: European Dragon Duel Championship 2012.

To make this wekeend even more exciting for everyone, Konami will also award two additional Super Rare versions of the YCS prize cards “Blood Mephist”– the same card you can win in the YCS Main event!

During the weekend, players will earn points whenever they participate in a Public Event. Each event participation is worth 1 point, and winning an event is worth additional points (2 to 8) The Top4 points collectors will be chosen for a playoff event on Sunday afternoon, to Duel for one Blood Mephist. Four additional Duelists will be chosen randomly among all Public events participants to Duel for a second Blood Mephist card!

With all those attractions, attending the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series will be a thrilling experience for everyone, so don’t miss your chance to enjoy some pre-holiday Yu-Gi-Oh! extravaganza!

More information on the YCS Brighton can be found here.