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(Spoiler) Photon Shockwave

The Photon Shockwave Sneak Peeks took place across the TCG regions this past weekend and by Monday the entire set's contents was known and posted on Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia. The users of Pojo were also compiling a list over the weekend and here's everything you can look forward to picking up when the set goes on general release later this month.

Source: Pojo

Sneak Peek promotional card:

PHSW-ENSP1 Alexandrite Dragon

Regular set contents:

PHSW-EN001 Bunilla
PHSW-EN002 Rabidragon
PHSW-EN003 Rai-Rider
PHSW-EN004 Stinging Swordsman
PHSW-EN005 Kagetokage
PHSW-EN006 Acorno
PHSW-EN007 Pinecono
PHSW-EN008 Friller Rabca
PHSW-EN009 Shark Stickers
PHSW-EN010 Needle Sunfish
PHSW-EN011 Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon
PHSW-EN012 Daybreaker
PHSW-EN013 Light Serpent
PHSW-EN013 Plasma Ball
PHSW-EN015 Photon Cerebrus
PHSW-EN016 Evoltile Gephyro
PHSW-EN017 Evoltile Westlo
PHSW-EN018 Evoltile Odonto
PHSW-EN019 Evolsaur Cerato
PHSW-EN020 Evolsaur Vulcano
PHSW-EN021 Evolsaur Diplo
PHSW-EN022 Wind-Up Warrior
PHSW-EN023 Wind-Up Knight
PHSW-EN024 Wind-Up Hunter
PHSW-EN025 Wind-Up Bat
PHSW-EN026 Wind-Up Kitten
PHSW-EN027 D.D. Telepon
PHSW-EN028 Wattcobra
PHSW-EN029 Naturia Marron
PHSW-EN030 Prior of the Ice Barrior
PHSW-EN031 Senior Silver Ninja
PHSW-EN032 Rodenut
PHSW-EN033 FengHuang
PHSW-EN034 Tribe Shocking Virus
PHSW-EN035 Goblin Pothole Squad
PHSW-EN036 Creepey Coney
PHSW-EN037 Rescue Rabbit
PHSW-EN038 Baby Tiragon
PHSW-EN039 Number 83: Galaxy Queen
PHSW-EN040 Black Ray Lancer
PHSW-EN041 Number 10: Illuminight
PHSW-EN042 Number 20: Giga Brilliant
PHSW-EN043 Evolzar Laggia
PHSW-EN044 Thunder End Dragon
PHSW-EN045 Attrafic Control
PHSW-EN046 Ego Boost
PHSW-EN047 Monster Slots
PHSW-EN048 Cross Attack
PHSW-EN049 Xyz Gift
PHSW-EN050 Photon Veil
PHSW-EN051 Photon Lead
PHSW-EN052 Photon Booster
PHSW-EN053 Evo-Karma
PHSW-EN054 Evo-Miracle
PHSW-EN055 Overwound Spring
PHSW-EN056 Extra Gate
PHSW-EN057 Shard of Greed
PHSW-EN058 Murmur of the Forest
PHSW-EN059 Tri-Wight
PHSW-EN060 One Day of Peace
PHSW-EN061 Space Cyclone
PHSW-EN062 Poisonous Winds
PHSW-EN063 Heartfelt Appeal
PHSW-EN064 Fiery Fervor
PHSW-EN065 Damage Diet
PHSW-EN066 Copy Knight
PHSW-EN067 Mirror Mail
PHSW-ENo68 Fish Rain
PHSW-EN069 Icy Crevasse
PHSW-EN070 Lumenize
PHSW-EN071 Evolutionary Bridge
PHSW-EN072 Zenmairch
PHSW-EN073 Wattcancel
PHSW-EN074 Champion's Vigilance
PHSW-EN075 Darklight
PHSW-EN076 Tyrant's Throes
PHSW-EN077 Sound the Retreat
PHSW-EN078 Deep Dark Trap Hole
PHSW-EN079 Eisbahn
PHSW-EN080 Sealing Ceremony of Suiton

World-Premiere Cards

PHSW-EN000 Alexandrite Dragon
PHSW-EN081 Photon Sabre Tiger
PHSW-EN082 Evolsaur Pelta
PHSW-EN083 Wind-Up Rabbit
PHSW-EN084 D-Boyz
PHSW-EN085 Latinum, Exarch of Dark World
PHSW-EN086 Evolzar Dolkka
PHSW-EN087 Wind-Up Zenmaines
PHSW-EN088 Xyz Territory
PHSW-EN089 Dark Smog

Bonus Cards

PHSW-EN090 Sergeant Electro
PHSW-EN091 Vylon Ohm
PHSW-EN092 Laval Dual Slasher
PHSW-EN093 Gem-Turtle
PHSW-EN094 Laval Lancelord
PHSW-EN095 Gishki Beast
PHSW-EN096 Gem-Knight Emerald
PHSW-EN097 Junk Defender
PHSW-EN098 Metaion the Time Lord
PHSW-EN099 Infernity Knight

Rarities and card effects can be found on Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia.