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(Spoiler) Structure Deck: Dragonic Legion

Dragonic Legion is the next/latest Structure Deck to hit the OCG, and focuses on LIGHT and DARK monsters, primarily Dragon-Types. The TCG version (Dragons Collide) will arrive after Christmas and some minor changes are expected, but the OCG version's pretty much a known quantity now, so here's the (incomplete) spoiler.

Source: Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia (via Shriek and ManjyomeThunder)

SD22-JP001 Lightpulsar Dragon (Ultra Rare)
SD22-JP002 Darkflare Dragon (Ultra Rare)
SD22-JP003 Eclipse Wyvern (Super Rare)
SD22-JP004 Blue-Eyes White Dragon
SD22-JP005 Red-Eyes B. Dragon
SD22-JP006 The White Stone of Legend
SD22-JP007 Red-Eyes B. Chick
SD22-JP008 Axe Dragonute
SD22-JP009 Vice Dragon
SD22-JP010 Gragonith, Lightsworn Dragon
SD22-JP011 Prime Material Dragon
SD22-JP012 Dark Armed Dragon
SD22-JP013 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
SD22-JP014 Chaos Sorcerer

SD22-JP023 Chaos Zone
SD22-JP024 Burst Stream of Destruction
SD22-JP025 Inferno Fire Blast
SD22-JP026 The Flute of Summoning Dragon
SD22-JP027 A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon
SD22-JP028 Book of Moon
SD22-JP029 Magical Stone Excavation
SD22-JP030 Reasoning
SD22-JP031 Monster Gate
SD22-JP032 D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation
SD22-JP033 Charge of the Light Brigade
SD22-JP034 Light of Redemption

SD22-JP035 Dragon Reincarnation
SD22-JP039 Escape from the Dark Dimension

SD22-JP0?? Lord of D.
SD22-JP0?? Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress

SD22-JP0?? Burst Breath
SD22-JP0?? Call of the Haunted

OCG Release Date: December 10, 2011

  • Includes LIGHT, DARK and Dragon-Type monsters.
  • Includes new Dragon-type monsters, as well as support cards.
  • Includes 5 new cards and many reprints.

Includes 40 cards:
  • 2 Ultra Rares
  • 1 Super Rare
  • 37 Commons
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Playing Guide
  • 1 Duel Field