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Travel advice for YCS Brighton.

YCS Brighton is the last big Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG event of the year, taking place a week before Christmas. If you're heading to the event and haven't sorted your travel plans yet have a look below for some of the options available to you.

So where the hell is Brighton anyway?

British Duelists will know exactly where Brighton is considering it's one of the UK's major tourist destinations. For the rest of us though it's located on the coast, south of London. What that means for the majority of people attending the YCS is that you'll have to go to London first and then travel from there to Brighton, as that's where all the airports are.

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Getting to London

The majority of competitors will have to head to Brighton by going through London first, especially if you're travelling from another country. London has 4 major airports: Heathrow, Gatwick, Stanstead and Luton. There's also Shoreham Airport which is closer to Brighton but from the looks of things it doesn't serve any commercial flights. Your order of perference for getting to YCS Brighton should be to fly to the following:

  1. Gatwick Airport
  2. Heathrow Airport
  3. Stanstead Airport
  4. Luton Airport

You can also take the Eurostar train from various European countries directly to London and then make your way to Brighton.

Finally, you can get on a boat! There's ferry services going between Brighton and Dieppe (France, north of Paris), or you can cross the English Channel at Dover and head to Calais (France). Dover is also close to where the Channel Tunnel is located on the English side, and the Eurostar passes through it on its way to London. If you do end up at Dover you'll most likely have to head to London to get to Brighton.

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From London to Brighton

No matter which route you take you're most likely going to end up somewhere in London and will have to get a train to Brighton. The easiest way is if you landed at Gatwick Airport, as there's a fairly straightforward train that ends up at Brighton from there. Depending on the route it'll cross Haywards Heath and Burgess Hill but from travelling on this train myself the difference in travel time is barely noticeable.

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For the rest of London you'll have to navigate London's Underground network ("The Tube"). The primary station for getting to Brighton is London Victoria, so if you're on the Tube you'll have to follow the various lines until you get there, and then get a train to Brighton. The great thing about the Underground is that no matter where you are in London you can get to another part of London with great ease, so even if you're travelling from Luton or Stanstead all you have to do is get as far as London and then navigate the Tube to Victoria, which will take you the rest of the way. One thing you'll notice while on the train is that you'll pass Gatwick on the way to Brighton, hence why it's the first choice of airports on the list above.

From Brighton Station to the YCS venue

Almost everybody heading to this YCS will end up at Brighton Station at some point, and locate their hotel from there. One thing I always tend to do is base my locations in a new city off of the venue the event is being held in, rather than the stations. Fortunately Brighton's a very compact area and when I was there in September I found that everything was within walking distance. It's a 12 minute walk in a straight line from Brighton Station to the beach, and the Brighton centre's right around the corner when you get there.

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That should be all the basics for you if you're heading to YCS Brighton. If you can read German be sure to check out Oliver Gehrmann's guide to YCS Brighton on TCG Source, where he also gives solid travel advice.

Myself and Oliver will be at the YCS to help Konami bring you live coverage of the event, so feel free to say hello if we're not buried under laptops, water bottles and Decklists, and have fun at the event!

Oh, and one last thing, we use these plugs in the UK & Ireland, so have an adapter handy: