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All the action from the YCS Brighton

Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Brighton took place over the weekend to round off the Dueling year and it was a huge success. As ever there was live coverage of the event and you can find links to all the articles the team wrote over the weekend below.

Source: Konami (Day 1, Day 2)

Day 1

News & Updates
Welcome to YCS Brighton!
Public Event update!
Prizes and Public Events overview
Public Events: The first Regionals Winner!
Overall Deck & Duelist breakdowns for YCS Brighton

Standings & Playoffs
Standings after round 3
Standings after round 4
Standings after round 5
Standings after round 6
Standings after round 7
Final Standings of day of the YCS Brighton

Feature Matches
Round 1: Nicolas Petz (Watt) vs. Marc Berger (Chaos)
Round 2: Pete Ward vs. Lee Brook
Round 3: Maicol Pittau vs. Josiah Walker-Mason
Round 4: Matt Bennett (Reficule Burn) vs. Kevin Semlali (Plant Synchro)
Round 5: Jordan Ruff (Gadget Xyz) vs. Marvin Weber (Dino Rabbit)
Round 6: Matthew Morrissey (Chaos) vs. Peter Heider (Fish)
Round 7: Lennart Diaz (Disaster Dragon) vs. Andrea Caruso (Monarchs)
Round 8: Floris van Asch (T.G. Agents) vs. Jordan Ruff (Offering Gadget)

Deck Analysis & Strategy
2 cards today’s Duelists need to find answers for.
Deck Profile: Nicolas Petz’ Watt Lockdown
The top 3 Decks leading in to YCS Brighton
Deck Profile: Chris Bull’s “Divine Diamonds”
Deck Profile: Jordan Ruff’s “Diva Gadgets”

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal is here!
Players in pictures: Opening announcements
QQ: What were your highlights in 2011?
Players in Pictures during Round 6
QQ: What are you most looking forward to in 2012?
Meet Team America
WCQ: Regional winner profile: Bradley James

Day 2

News & Updates
Welcome to Day 2 of YCS Brighton.
A look at the Top 32 action!
Top 8 Profiles
Public Events Update
The finalists of YCS Brighton are…
Here are the Public Event Playoff winners!
Goodbye Brighton!

Standings & Playoffs
Standings after round 9
Top 32 Matchups
Top 32 results
Top 16 Matchups
Top 16 results
Top 8 Matchups
Top 8 results and Semi Finals Matchups

Feature Matches
Round 9: Stephan Sluis (Plant Synchro) vs. Robert Boyajian (Plant Synchro)
Round 10: Jake Quinsee (Dino Rabbit) vs. Kevin Gloor (Dino Rabbit)
Top 32: Thomas Cavaliere (Agents) vs. Long Dao (Dark World)
Top 16: Allan Kennard (Dino Rabbit) vs. Lars Junginger (WATER Synchro)
Quarter Finals: Ping Xiao (Dino Rabbit) vs. Adrien Dudeck (Dino Rabbit)
Semi Finals: Marvin Weber (Dino Rabbit) vs. Nathan Pang (Dino Rabbit)
3rd Place Match: Marvin Weber (Dino Rabbit) vs. Lars Junginger (Plant & Frog Synchro)
Finals: Nathan Pang (Dino Rabbit) vs. Ping Xiao (Dino Rabbit)

Deck Analysis & Strategy
Top 10 Tables: Round 9
Deck Feature: Fabijan Pavlovic (Low Level Synchro)
Breakout Card of the Weekend
The Top 16 Decklists of YCS Brighton!
The Top 16 Deck and Duelist breakdowns of YCS Brighton.

QQ: Favorite Decks 2011 / Breakout Decks 2012
Pictures of Day 2
European YCS Judge Team in action
Mattia Graziuso takes down a Regional!
We have an Attack of the Giant Card Winner!
We have another Attack of the Giant Card winner!
We have a YCS Trial winner!
We have our final Attack of the Giant Card winner!
Dragon Duel winners at YCS Brighton!

I hope you all enjoyed the coverage provided by Oliver Gehrmann, myself and Konami's Peter Frottier, and if you've any feedback feel free to post a comment below!