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Card of the Year (#10): Maxx "C"

A few weeks ago I made it known that I'd be doing a bunch of mini articles towards the end of 2011, highlighting what I thought were the best cards released over the past 12 months. After seeing things in action at YCS Brighton and getting feedback from the Yu-Gi-Oh! community it's time to start the countdown!

Maxx "C"

(Storm of Ragnarok)

EARTH/Insect/Level 2

You can activate this effect during either player's turn by sending this card from your hand to the Graveyard. This turn, each time your opponent Special Summon a monster(s), draw 1 card. You can only activate "Maxx "C"" once per turn.


Ever since Phantom Darkness was released in early 2008 the top Decks of each format have been based around Special Summoning monsters and using their effects to push Duelists towards victory. In 2011 this was even more evident with the evolution of Plant Synchro, which could Special Summon up to 10 or 11 times in a single turn thanks to cards like Reborn Tengu, Spore and Glow-Up Bulb, as well as the Synchro monsters they produce. In more recent times, Dino Rabbit Decks are doing the same, here's one of the Deck's major combos:

  • Normal Summon Tour Guide From the Underworld
  • Special Summon a monster from your Deck (either another Tour Guide or Sangan)
  • Xyz Summon Leviair the Sea Dragon
  • Detach an Xyz Material to Special Summon Rescue Rabbit
  • Banish Rescue Rabbit again to Special Summon 2 copies of Kabazauls
  • Xyz Summon Evolzar Laggia/Dolkka

Here's where things get interesting; if the Dino Rabbit's opponent discarded Maxx "C" when Tour Guide was Normal Summoned, he'd have drawn five cards that turn. That's around 12% of most Decks, and in the later stages of a Duel that number could be as high as 20 or even 25%. And therein lies the power of Maxx "C". With so many Decks Special Summoning monsters these days you're bound to get its effect off whenever you draw it. Worst-case scenario your opponent only Summons 1 monster, but even this is an even trade; they get a free monster, you get a free card, and up your chances of drawing what you need during your next turn. At best you're drawing the 25% of your Deck that will almost certainly turn the Duel in your favour if you can survive your opponent's big turn. Either way there's plenty of reasons to maindeck at least 1 copy of Maxx "C" if you're competing in a major event these days.

There's also another spinoff effect of running the card. As soon as you discard it your opponent has a choice to make: Do they go all out and hope to defeat you there and then, or do they wait a turn by which time it could potentially be too late to make their big push? Even if they decide to dive right in, you're drawing more cards with every combo your opponent puts together, which means you could eventually draw Gorz or Effect Veiler to halt your opponent's plans, and possibly even the Heavy Storm/Dark Hole which ensures that you can hit them back hard next turn.

Maxx "C" is a worthwhile card to consider in every Deck at the moment, and with Special Summon-based Decks as popular as they have ever been, the little insect from Storm of Ragnarok more than deserves his recognition as one of the year's best cards.