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Last minute advice for YCS Brighton.

YCS Brighton takes place this weekend and here's a few things to be aware of if you're heading to the event.


There are 2 ways to pre-register. First is the online version, which can be found here. If you register online you'll still need to head to the registration area on Saturday morning to pay for tournament entry, but you'll only have to show your COSSY ID and not spend a bunch of time providing your details.

The second way is to head to the venue on Friday, from 4-9pm (16.00 - 21.00). I'll probably show up there at some point too if you want to show me your Deck or say hello.


Oliver and I will be teaming up with Konami Europe to bring you the best tournament coverage we possibly can over the course of the weekend. You can find that coverage here, and there'll be a brief roundup here on my own blog when I get back from the UK.

On a related note we're looking for Decks to feature! If you've got something worth showing off to the world head over to Facebook and let us know what you're running, and why it stands out from the rest of the competition!


There's a blank Decklist sheet here for you to print and write your Deck on before the event. There's also a fully editable one here if you prefer to type your list and print it off. I highly recommend going for the typed one as it'll make everybody's job a lot easier. It auto-totals and resizes everything too which is great.

Here's a tip I've learned from experience: Write your Decklist the night before the event, or on the morning before you head to the venue. Ideally you should do this alone so that you can give it your full attention. This has 2 benefits; 1: you don't make any mistakes that could give you game losses, and 2: you'll subconsciously be working out combos in your head as you write the cards down, which will come in handy while playing in the event itself.

Nearest card shop:

The nearest place to buy cards before the event takes place (there'll be vendors at the venue as well) is located at the green arrow in the map below. It's located down a pedestrian alley where there's plenty of small shops etc. to be found. While it's far too small to be able to host any Dueling (it's roughly the size of a big hotel room) they're always fully-stocked with all the latest product, and the staff are quite friendly there as well. Handy little place if you're stuck for cards/sleeves on Friday morning.