Off to YCS Brighton tomorrow. | The Irish Duelist

Off to YCS Brighton tomorrow.

YCS Brighton takes place this weekend, and I'll be heading over to the UK for the weekend to help provide live coverage of the event.

It's been a while since the last major European event (the World Championship) and even longer since the last YCS (Paris) so it'll be interesting to see how much the game has changed in Europe since those events. As ever you can find the live coverage at this link, and I'll do a writeup of my experience here on the blog next week. As always, Oliver Gehrmann and I are teaming up with Konami to provide the best coverage we possibly can, and you'll find us at the Feature Match area for the majority of the weekend.

Regarding the event itself, it should be an interesting one. Photon Shockwave's widely available now, so we could see more Dino Rabbit variants doing the rounds. Plant Synchro is still the Deck to beat but what I'm going to be most intrigued by is how European Duelists build their Dark World Decks. I haven't seen a build that really stands out as "amazing" yet but hopefully that'll change come the weekend. There's also stuff like Karakuri, Piper Chaos, Final Countdown and a whole bunch of other stuff that I'm looking forward to seeing in action.

If you're at the event (or pre-registration on Friday) feel free to come over and say hello. If you've got a cool Deck go ahead and show it to me/Oliver and we might be able to feature it if it's doing well. Some of our most memorable Feature Matches have come from players who've shown up between rounds to let us know "I'm x-0 with THIS thing!" so don't be afreaid to let us know you're doing well.

I'm looking forward to this event and telling you all about it, so make sure to check in over the weekend to see how things are going!