January 2012 | The Irish Duelist

The Roundup: January 2012

Here's a quick recap of what's been going on in Yu-Gi-Oh! this month.

Irish Open 2012

The 2012 Dueling season began this weekend with The Irish Open, and I took part in the event aiming for (at the very least) a Top 8 finish.

New ways to Summon Xyz Monsters!

Here's my latest article for Konami's official strategy site. You can check it out at the link here or read on below.

YCS Guadalajara to take place on February 4th/5th.

Konami have sent out more information on the upcoming Mexican YCS.

New official playmats.

Some new officially-designed playmats have surfaced in the past week, one being the new WCQ Regionals mat and the other an Order of Chaos tie-in.

Sealed events at The Gathering.

Every few months The Gathering hosts a Sneak peek event for the latest booster set, and they're some of the most exciting events to play in all year! They're also extremely popular, so now there will be similar events taking place every month, starting this Saturday with Order of Chaos!

Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Duelist Portfolio

A new binder will be available to pick up in stores soon.

Looking back: The Deck of Commons

I recently got a PM from a Pojo member who was introducing his friend to the game, and he brought up my Deck of Commons from 2009 and how it worked out for the 2 of them. Looking back on it now I really want to make a new version of that Deck. Here's the article again incase you missed it.

The Irish Open 2012

Update: Prizes now posted.

The next Irish Open will be taking place at the end of the month!

Order of Chaos Special Edition

The Order of Chaos Sneak Peek is only a few days away, and yesterday Konami officially announced the ORCS Special Edition, along with what the 2 promos are.

Order of Chaos Sneak Peek info.

The Order of Chaos Sneak Peek takes place on January 14/15th and here's the info that Konami has posted about the worldwide event.

New Wind-Up monster revealed.

A new article went up on the Konami Strategy Site yesterday, revealing one of the World Premiere cards in the upcoming Order of Chaos set.

More upcoming YCS events announced.

Konami posted up a few new things on their (North American) events page.

Barbaroid, the Ultimate Battle Machine

I didn't even realise this was released in the TCG until somebody pointed it out on the forums. The ultimate "Roid" monster makes its appearance in volume 8 of the GX Manga, which according to Wikia was released on Tuesday.

(Spoiler) Turbo Pack 7

Turbo Packs are specially created booster packs that you get for entering all kinds of tournaments, and the most recent version makes its debut this week. As with any new product, some people are eager to be the first to "break the news" on what's inside, and we have pictures + a card list plastered all over the Internet already.

(Spoiler) Gold Series 2012 [OCG]

The newest edition of the OCG Gold Series is due to come out later this week (according to Wikia) but it looks like some places have got theirs already. Bahamut84 of Dueling Days posted a few photos on their blog recently, so let's take a look at what's in the pack.

(Spoiler) Duelist League 13

This was posted on the Konami Strategy Site over the holidays but with YCS Brighton and my Card of the Year articles I never got a chance to take a look. Here's the info for Duelist League 13 for anybody else that's missed out.