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The Irish Open 2012

Update: Prizes now posted.

The next Irish Open will be taking place at the end of the month!

Source: Facebook

Saturday, 28 January 2012

UCD Students Centre. University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 8

The Irish Open is back! Join us for this years tournament whcih we hope will be a huge success! The Irish Open has drawn top players from all over Europe in the last few years.

Buses to venue:
Belfield (91 m NW) 2, 3, 11B, 39B, 46A, 145
Belfield Campus (79 m NW) 3, 10, 17

Date: 28/01/12
Entry: €10
Registration: 11.30
Start time: 12.30

Swiss draw tournament followed by top 8 knockout.

Prizes: (dependent on at least 70 attending)

Main Tournament:
1st: 3ds
2nd: Booster box
3rd: 16 packs
4th: 12 packs
5th: 10 packs
6th: 8 packs
7th: 6 packs
8th: 5 packs
9th-rest 1 pack

U13 tournament:
1st: 10 packs
2nd: 8 packs
3rd: 6 packs
4th: 5 packs
Rest: 1 pack

More info will be available here as it becomes known. If you want an idea of what the venue and event will be like, check out this gallery from last year's Nationals.