The Roundup: January 2012 | The Irish Duelist

The Roundup: January 2012

Here's a quick recap of what's been going on in Yu-Gi-Oh! this month.

Order of Chaos was the major talking point of January as the set descended on the TCG, with support for Wind-Ups, Inzectors and Ninjas instantly making an impact. Many people are looking at Wind-Ups in particular as they have some impressive combos worth trying out (or playing around) and will certainly be one of the Decks to beat when we hit the various YCS events in February.

Overall the reaction to ORCS has been pretty positive. People that wouldn't normally buy product are picking up boxes as there's something useful in almost every pack, either for your own Deck or as handy "trade bait". The Special Edition is on the way as well, and the promos for it have already been revealed.

In other news, Turbo Pack 7 is now available at official tournament stores, and contains reprints of popular cards like Ally of Justice Catastor, Book of Moon and Horn of the Phantom Beast. There's also a Super Rare Yellow Gadget in there, which could be a sign that its Red and Green brothers are on the way. We'll know if/when the time comes. A new Duelist Portfolio is on the way and the OCG got its latest Gold Series set, with some very interesting reprints contained within.

Events-wise it's been very quiet, as is expected in the post-Holiday season. That being said Konami did announce a few new events and the Dueling calendar is filling up nicely. In addition to what's posted above there's also YCS Leipzig in Germany, which will close out the current format. Finally, The Irish Open took place last weekend, and you can read about how I got on here.