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Sealed events at The Gathering.

Every few months The Gathering hosts a Sneak peek event for the latest booster set, and they're some of the most exciting events to play in all year! They're also extremely popular, so now there will be similar events taking place every month, starting this Saturday with Order of Chaos!

The sealed events work in the same way as the Sneak Peeks do; you get 5 packs for entering and have to build your Deck from the cards you get out of those packs. The winner at the end of the event receives a Playmat, and if you've seen some of the more recent ones for Sneak Peeks you'll know they look amazing!

The first Yu-Gi-Oh! Sealed Event takes place this Saturday at the usual time (10am). It costs €25 to enter and you'll have time to build your Deck before you take on your fellow Duelists.

Most of the cards in each set will work well with each other, so you'll get to see some new combos that you may even end up using in your main Deck every week!

For more information on Limerick's local events check out The Gathering's homepage.