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(Spoiler) Gold Series 2012 [OCG]

The newest edition of the OCG Gold Series is due to come out later this week (according to Wikia) but it looks like some places have got theirs already. Bahamut84 of Dueling Days posted a few photos on their blog recently, so let's take a look at what's in the pack.

Sources: Dueling Days, Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia

GS04-JP001 Morphing Jar #2
GS04-JP002 Jowgen the Spiritualist
GS04-JP003 Lava Golem
GS04-JP004 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
GS04-JP005 Zaborg the Thunder Monarch
GS04-JP006 D.D. Crow
GS04-JP007 Armageddon Knight
GS04-JP008 Lonefire Blossom
GS04-JP009 Stardust Dragon
GS04-JP010 Wind-Up Zenmaines
GS04-JP011 Soul Release
GS04-JP012 Creature Swap
GS04-JP013 Necrovalley
GS04-JP014 Enemy Controller
GS04-JP015 Pot of Duality
GS04-JP016 Gravity Bind
GS04-JP017 Destiny Board
GS04-JP018 Icarus Attack
GS04-JP019 Dimensional Prison
GS04-JP020 Starlight Road

There's a few interesting things in here, like "BLS" and Pot of Duality, as well as Wind-Up Zenmaines, which made its TCG debut in Photon Shockwave. The OCG and TCG Gold Series are often quite different but it's still nice to see what the OCG is getting (and soon to be using) every so often.

There's no word on a TCG Gold Series for 2012 at the moment, but I hope we get one at some stage as I really liked GLD4's reprints.