February 2012 | The Irish Duelist

Off to Germany this weekend.

Hi everyone, just a quick update regarding YCS Leipzig.

March 2012 TCG Forbidden & Limited Cards List

Last week the OCG list was posted around the forums and news sites, and today yugioh-card.com has been updated with the TCG list.

All the action from YCS Atlanta

The final American YCS of the format took place in Atlanta this past weekend and Konami was on-hand to provide liver coverage of the event. Here's links to all the articles for you in one handy place.

Get ready for YCS Leipzig

YCS Leipzig's just over a week away and should close out the format in some style. If you're going to the event here's a quick reminder to check Konami's FAQ about the event.

First Shonen Jump ALPHA promo announced.

Shonen Jump ALPHA (as reported previously) is a new digital version of the popular magazine that makes its debut later this year. Subscribers will be able to get promo cards delivered to their door and the first of those was announced on Pojo recently.

Before you all go crazy again, read this...

So it's the middle of February, which means only one thing in the land of Duel Monsters, banlist time! These 2 weeks (and again in August) are when TCG players cast their eyes across the Pacific and try to learn some Japanese in order to find out the new Forbidden & Limited Cards List before everybody else (probably so they can imagine themselves on Wall Street holding expensive cards and going "Sell! Sell! Sell!").

Well before you all go nuts, here's a few things you need to know.

The store is now open!

(I usually keep design-related stuff strictly to my other blog, but this is an important announcement that I wanted to share here as well. Regular Yu-Gi-Oh! service will resume tomorrow ^_^)

After a lot of preparation and all sorts of other things the time has come, the store is now open!

2000 is the new 1900.

Here's another article I recently did for Konami's official strategy site. Click here to read or check it out below.

More info on YCS #100

More information about the 100th YCS has gone up on the official Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG site, including prize support etc.

Hidden Arsenal 5 Special Edition

Konami Europe has posted info on Hidden Arsenal 5 Special Edition (and its promos) on their official Yu-Gi-Oh! page.

RAWR! New Dragons!

Here's my latest article for Konami's official Strategy Site. Have a read below or click the link here!

Various news updates.

Various things have been going on in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh! in the past week. So a (very) quick roundup is in order.

Battle Pack: Epic Dawn

Konami have just announced a new type of booster pack, designed for sealed play. It's also got one very notable reprint inside that'll get a lot of you excited...

European coverage podcast.

A few weeks ago Oliver Gehrmann and I had a chat with "The Suntan Superman" about European Yu-Gi-Oh! coverage, and the podcast went live yesterday.

Shonen Jump Alpha will contain promo cards.

Towards the end of last year, Shonen Jump announced that it will soon cease production of its printed magazine, instead focusing on digital distribution with Shonen Jump Alpha. More information about how that'll affect Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists came about recently when one of the SJ staff made a thread on Pojo.