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2000 is the new 1900.

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Back in the early days of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG the most powerful cards weren’t the ones with amazing effects, they were Level 4 monsters with higher ATK than everything else. 1850 ATK monsters like Mechanicalchaser were in every Deck until 1900 ATK ones like Gemini Elf came along, and even now we still see monsters like Thunder King Rai-Oh who are only that powerful in battle. All of that’s about to change as Photon Decks raise the bar even higher!

1900 ATK is so 2004.
There are plenty of Photon monsters that can easily break the 2000 ATK barrier. Photon Sabre Tiger from Photon Shockwave is one, and Order of Chaos adds 2 more Level 4 monsters to the mix. Photon Crusher is a 2000 ATK monster that can take down most cards in battle, and then switches to Defense Position at the end of the Damage Step. Photon Thrasher has 2100 ATK, and must first be Special Summoned when you control no monsters. Your opponent doesn’t need any monsters though, so you can Special Summon it and attack directly.

The 2100 ATK Photon Leo may be Level 6, but when it’s Normal Summoned your opponent shuffles their entire hand back to their Deck, before drawing the same number of cards. If you think your opponent is holding something like Maxx “C” and you want to Special Summon, Photon Leo is a good way to get it out of your opponent’s hand and make them get lucky if they want to re-draw it.

Even if your Photon monsters don’t have 2000 ATK you can still boost them up with Photon Trident. Trident gives 1 “Photon” monster you control an extra 700 ATK for the turn, along with the ability to inflict piercing Battle Damage on your opponent’s Defense Position monsters. On top of that, when it does inflict Battle Damage on your opponent, you get to destroy a Spell or Trap card on the field for free!

Putting it all together.
Now that we have all these new Photon cards, you can put them all together to build a complete Deck. With so many high ATK monsters a good direction to go in would be to focus on the strongest Photon monster of them all, Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon. Galaxy-Eyes can be Special Summoned by Tributing 2 monsters that have 2000 ATK or more, and we already know that there are plenty of those! There’s also plenty of easy ways to get 2 monsters on the field at the same time to Summon our ace monster, as well as some very handy LIGHT-based cards that can go in as well.

Let’s start off with the basics; 3 copies each of Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, Photon Sabre Tiger, Photon Thrasher and Photon Crusher. That gives us enough high ATK monsters to be able to Summon Galaxy-Eyes whenever we draw it. Cyber Dragon’s another great LIGHT monster to use, and can be Summoned for free when you control no monsters. It’s also a very cool way to get rid of your opponent’s Wind-Up Zenmaines, when combined with Chimeratech Fortress Dragon!

Photon Lizard will give us another way to add Photon monsters to the hand, and Eclipse Wyvern from the upcoming Structure Deck: Dragons Collide is a handy way to search for Galaxy-Eyes right from the Deck, and when it’s banished for Soul of Purity and Light we get a free Galaxy-Eyes and a 2000 ATK monster to Summon it with! Since all of the monsters in the Deck are LIGHT, Honest will be handy for taking out larger monsters in battle, and is often a card your opponent won’t expect.

As for Spells and Traps, Photon Lead is lets you Special Summon a Level 4 or lower LIGHT monster directly from your hand. Even when you’re not going for Galaxy-Eyes, Summoning a card like Photon Sabre Tiger, adding another copy to your hand and using Photon Lead to Summon it right away gives you 2 2000 ATK monsters in an instant! It’s also 2 Level 3 monsters that you can Xyz Summon with. It’s a lot of fast damage, and you can Xyz Summon a tough to destroy monster like Wind-Up Zenmaines afterward. Photon Trident can give the Deck’s Photon monsters 700 extra ATK and the ability to inflict piercing Battle Damage while also destroying pesky Spell and Trap Cards that could get in the way later on.

2 more cards to try out would be Polymerization and Future Fusion. Using Future Fusion to send 2 Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragons to the Graveyard can let you Summon Twin Photon Lizard 2 turns later. Then, you can Tribute Twin Photon Lizard to Summon back both Dragons! Polymerization can be used in a similar way if you drew too many Dragons.

Of course, if you play multiples of many Level 4 and lower LIGHT monsters, you can fix your hand with Photon Veil and put cards you don’t want to draw, like doubles of Photon Sabre Tiger or even Kurivolt, back in your Deck and replace them with things like Effect Veiler , Photon Thrasher, Thunder King Rai-Oh or Photon Lizard.

Finally, if you want to build a Photon Deck that can be really tricky for your opponents to handle, try out Skill Drain. It’ll negate every face-up monster’s effects, stopping your opponent from setting up big combos, while also letting you attack with cards like Photon Thrasher and Crusher again and again!

The Photon monsters are some of the most exciting cards we’ve seen in a long time, and make for a Deck that can have many different plays. If you’re interested in putting a Photon Deck together be sure to pick up the cards in Photon Shockwave and Order of Chaos and start building!