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Before you all go crazy again, read this...

So it's the middle of February, which means only one thing in the land of Duel Monsters, banlist time! These 2 weeks (and again in August) are when TCG players cast their eyes across the Pacific and try to learn some Japanese in order to find out the new Forbidden & Limited Cards List before everybody else (probably so they can imagine themselves on Wall Street holding expensive cards and going "Sell! Sell! Sell!").

Well before you all go nuts, here's a few things you need to know.

  • It's the Internet, so people like to troll others and fool around with their emotions. That means we'll see a lot of fake lists before we see "the real one" (this has started already).
  • The official list usually makes its debut in Japan's V-JUMP magazine. According to Dueling Days, the next issue contains Number 15: Gimmick Puppet - Giant Killer and should be out in about a week's time. Therefore when you're looking at all those badly Photoshopped fake lists that crop up around this time, if you don't see a photo of a list with this card pictured with it, be wary.
  • The big OCG news sites like Shriek and ManjyomeThunder are used to all this pre-list craziness, and tend to only post a list when they're 100% sure it's legitimate.
  • If I see a list that I believe is 100% genuine (I usually check Shriek for that) I'll post it here and provide a link to the source. I hate looking at fake lists as much as the next guy, so anything that looks dodgy will be flat out ignored.
  • Once the real OCG list is out, bear in mind that World Premiere cards (that are exclusive to the TCG) will not be on it. That means that those cards could potentially be added to the TCG list when it's posted on
  • As you all know by now, I do some freelance writing for Konami on their Official Strategy and European Coverage sites. That however doesn't mean that I have access to super-top-secret info, and even if I had, I wouldn't tell you all about it anyway. I'm waiting for pics of the V-JUMP magazine just like everybody else, so don't ask me if I know the list. ^_^
  • The list doesn't come into effect until March 1st anyway, so don't go nuts if you see a low resolution picture of some Kanji and card pics on February the 15th or anything like that. Just wait for the real list to show up on

So yeah, don't go insane this time round, please.