Off to Germany this weekend. | The Irish Duelist

Off to Germany this weekend.

Hi everyone, just a quick update regarding YCS Leipzig.

I'm leaving for Leipzig tomorrow (Thursday) so the blog won't be active during that time. The good news however is that you can stay updated on the event live as it happens. Click here to read up on the coverage provided by Konami Europe, which will cover everything that's happening from Leipzig this weekend.

I'll be there again with Oliver Gehrmann to help out and write up a bunch of content but as always we'd like you to get involved. If you're at YCS Leipzig feel free to head over to the feature Match area between rounds and say hello. If you're running a cool Deck and doing somewhat well with it, give us a look and it may be worth a feature! There were some quite exciting feature matches at YCS Brighton that we wouldn't have found without your help so don't be afraid to show us something awesome!

If you're attending the event best of luck over the weekend, and see you there!