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The store is now open!

(I usually keep design-related stuff strictly to my other blog, but this is an important announcement that I wanted to share here as well. Regular Yu-Gi-Oh! service will resume tomorrow ^_^)

After a lot of preparation and all sorts of other things the time has come, the store is now open!

Many of the people heading to the store will be looking for the new Formula 1 posters of which there are 10 different versions available. I've also got a few copies of Transonik left over which are on sale at a cheaper price than normal.

The main change over the previous posters that were on sale is that they're now also available in A3 size, which is half as big but also half the price. A few A2 designs are already sold out from when the store was open before Christmas but they'll be re-stocked soon.

Anyway, have a look around, pick up anything you fancy and thanks once again to everybody out there (both F1 fans and everybody else) for your support!

Oh, and I've also got a feature over on The Austin Grand Prix which has gone live today, after chatting with Kerri about the poster series and revealing a bit of the story behind it. Here's a snippet but hit this link for the full thing.

I can't recall exactly how I came across PJ Tierney’s 2011 Formula 1™ Poster Series; it’s almost as if they’ve been a part of my memory for some time. When I started pinning F1 items on Pinterest, I knew I wanted to include his work. I remembered seeing his set of posters for the 2011 Formula 1 World Championship season – India was my favorite – and with a little digging I was able to attribute him to the original design and discovered his website –

Seeing that we’re just about one month away from the 2012 season, I reached out to PJ to learn more about his inspiration and his plans for 2012. Also, I thought that fans of his work, including many American racing fans, would like to know if there are plans for an F1 poster for the USA. Great news folks: PJ’s online store is launching today.