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Various news updates.

Various things have been going on in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh! in the past week. So a (very) quick roundup is in order.

YCS Guadalajara took place over the weekend, the first major event where ORCS could be played. Six Samurai won the event, but there were also plenty of Inzectors and Wind-Ups in the Top 32.

Battle Pack: Epic Dawn was announced, and the first in a set of articles on the set's construction was posted on the official Strategy Site. We also got a refresher on Sealed Events and how they work.

Structure Deck: Dragons Collide is available this month, and a spoiler's been posted which reveals the set's contents.

If you're a regular poster on the Pojo forums you may have to change your signature, to fit in with new guidelines.

A little later than normal, here's some info on the new Premium Collection tin.

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