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All the action from the 100th YCS

Last weekend the largest Trading Card Game tournament of all time took place at Long Beach, California in the form of the 100th Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series. Over 4000 Duelists attended from all over the world and for the first time ever, there was "double coverage", as both the European and American coverage teams were there to relay the event's developments to the thousands of readers around the world. Here's all the links to the coverage packed into one place, have a look through and let people know what you thought of the event in the comment box below.

Feature Matches

Final: Michael Balan vs. Simon He
Top 4: Michael Balan vs. Joseph Giorlando
Top 8: Joseph Giorlando vs. Wilson Tsang
Top 16: Angel Ascencio vs. Michael Lux
Top 16: Simon He (Dino Rabbit) vs. Lee Hung Chu (Dino Rabbit)
Top 32: Jose Badillo vs. Mitchell Nguyen
Top 64: Simon Dewhurst (Wind-Up) vs Ned Salkovich (Dino Rabbit)
Top 64: Wilson Tsang vs. Keith Wong
Round 11: Michael Balan vs. Bai Chen
Round 11: Luke Quinsee (Dino Rabbit) vs. Patrick Hoban (Dino Rabbit)
Round 11: Round 11 Feature Match: Wesley Carter vs. Jake Quinsee
Round 10: David Lopez vs. Gabriel Perez
Round 9: Danny Jackson (Gravekeepers) vs. Jacob Schoonover (Lightsworn)
Round 9: Micah Garcia vs. Victor Santana
Round 4: Chris Boroweic vs. Andres Ochoa
Round 3: Andrew Trevino vs. Alex Vansant
Round 2: Wytze Kluitenberg (Inzektors) vs. Arthur Sanchez (HERO)
Round 1: Myron Schmelz (Dragon Ninja) vs. Juan Manuel Cabrera (Blackwings)

Sunday Dragon Duel Finals
Saturday Dragon Duel Finals


Round 10
Round 8
Round 7
Round 2
Round 1

Sunday Dragon Duel: Round 4
Sunday Dragon Duel: Round 3
Sunday Dragon Duel: Round 2

Saturday Dragon Duel: Round 5
Saturday Dragon Duel: Round 4
Saturday Dragon Duel: Round 2
Saturday Dragon Duel: Round 1

Friday Registration Roundup

Quick Questions

When, with What, and How did you start?
How many YCS Events have you attended?
What will win?
How many Duelists are here?

Pairing/Standing Updates

Top 8
Top 16
European Duelists in the Top 64!
Round 9
Round 8
European Duelist Standings after Day 1
European Duelist Standings after Round 3

Picture Updates

Sights from the tournament hall.
Round 12
Round 3
Round 2
Round 1
Tear down the walls!
Saturday Registration

Other Updates

Thank you for reading!
And the winner is...
Attack of the Giant Card winners.
Sunday Dragon Duel Champions
Mini Deck Profiles from Day 2
Dragon Duelist mini profiles
Welcome to Day 2 of the 100th YCS

Saturday Dragon Duel Finalists
Deck Profile: Myron Schmelz’s “Dragon Ninjas”
Deck Profile: Andres Ochoa's "BubbleBeat"
Duelist Profile: "Yuma" Nathan Smith
Duelist Profile: Jonathan Lovett
Duelist Profile: Jonathan Ayon
Interview with YCS Trial Winner Wytze Kluitenberg
100th YCS First-Timers
The Token Machine!
Tech Update: Popular cards as of late.
Welcome to the 100th YCS!