The Roundup: February 2012 | The Irish Duelist

The Roundup: February 2012

A little later than usual, here's a look back at what happened in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh! over the month of February. You can read all of The Irish Duelist's February articles here.

3 Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series events rounded out the format, in 3 different countries. First up was YCS Guadalajara in Mexico, where Six Samurai managed to best "The Big 3" in the first major post-ORCS event. Next up was YCS Atlanta, where surely Wind-Ups, Dino Rabbits or Inzektors would dominate to an easy title right? Nope! Marquis Henderson did a great job with T.G. to give them a major win right before the Deck changes with the updated F&L list.

Finally there was YCS Leipzig in Germany. Oliver Gehrmann and I helped out once again with Konami's European coverage which you can read here. As always it was a fun event to be at with many highlights. I posted a little bit about my experience here if you want to see what the event was like from my perspective. Congrats once again to Stephan Sluis, Europe's first 2-time YCS winner.

Next up is the new Forbidden & Limited Cards list, which saw the card legality changes you see above. As with every F&L season Duelists' emotions ran high as first they spotted some images from Japan, claimed them to be real/fake, reacted to each low resolution scan with mass hysteria (regardless of the quality of said lists) before the forums eventually returned to normal after "the real list" was posted.

With the dust settled Duelists are now taking the time to analyse the list in detail and look out for any new possibilities it brings up that could lead to innovative Deck ideas down the line. Chris Kirkham chipped in with a guest article on the list and how he saw it, so have a read of that if you're looking for another perspective and you can find similar thoughts across all the major Yu-Gi-Oh! blogs, which you can get live updates from here.

Other than the above there was the usual array of product releases and announcements, most notably the Battle Pack: Epic Dawn, which brings Sealed Play to Yu-Gi-Oh! later this year, along with some really cool reprints.

As for March, the big story will undoubtedly be the 100th Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series at Long Beach, California. Looking at the info that's out there already it sounds like it'll be a really exciting event and it'll be interesting to see what dieas come out of it to kickstart the format.