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2012's Yu-Gi-Oh! National Championships

Here is a list of every National Champion from this year's (TCG) WCQ season. This list was put together from various sources within the Yu-Gi-Oh! community, and I'd like to thank all of you for your contributions.





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Argentina May 12 Santiago Vera Final Countdown Decklist/Report (Winner)
Australia June 9/10 Jackson Spadaro Dino Rabbit Decklist/Report (Winner)
Austria May 13 Deniz Mailänder Dino Rabbit Decklists
Belgium May 12/13 Kim van Campenhoudt Dino Rabbit Deck Profile (Winner)
Bolivia May 12 Carlos Daher Wind-Up Decklists
Brazil May 19/20 Vinicius de Souza Chaos Dragon Decklists
Bulgaria June 2 Boris Ivanov Inzektor -
Chile May 19 Sebastian Mora Dino Rabbit Decklist (Winner)
Colombia May 13 Manuel Buriticá HERO Decklists (Partial)
Costa Rica May 20 Luis Soto Wind-Up -
Croatia June 16 Martin Rodin Wind-Up Coverage
Czech Republic June 9/10 Jan Obrovský Dino Rabbit -
Denmark June 16/17 August Kaufmann Final Countdown -
Dominican Republic May 6 Cesar Armando Nazare Six Samurai Decklists
Ecuador May 19 Roger Munoz Inzektor Decklists
El Salvador May 20 Oscar Oliva Chaos Dragon -
Finland June 16 Alexander Trivedi Piper Chaos -
France April 28/29 Sebastien Ma Wind-Up Decklists (Partial)
Germany May 26/27 Muci Izki Chaos Dragon Decklists
Greece June 17 Vaslis Koltoukis Dino Rabbit Deck Profile
Guatemala May 5 Alejandro Cañas Inzektor Decklist (Winner)
Honduras May 12 Alejandro Andres Aguiluz HERO Decklist (Winner)
Ireland June 2 Adam Hussein Dino Rabbit Decklists
Israel April 10/11 Roi D. Dino Rabbit Decklists
Italy June 23/24 Stefano Lenti-Livraghi Chaos Dragons Decklists
Jamaica May 19 Gary Sham Hieratic Decklists
Malta May 20 Gary Grima-Mifsud Wind-Up -
Mexico May 19/20 Eli Cerdan Dino Rabbit Videos
Netherlands June 9/10 Floris van Asch Inzektor Coverage
New Zealand June 3 Chris Dalton Wind-Up Coverage
Nicaragua May 13 Uriel Cisnero Machina -
Norway May 27 An Bao Le Dino Rabbit Decklists
Panama May 20 Galileo de Obaldia Dino Rabbit Decklist (Winner/Team)
Peru May 20 Johan Marquez Inzektor Decklists (Partial)
Poland June 16/17 Krzysztof Duda HERO Decklists
Portugal May 26 Helio Babo Final Countdown Decklists
Slovenia May 26 Miha Filsek Chaos Dragon Decklists
South Africa June 16 Krishern Govender Inzektor Decklist (Winner)
Spain June 16/17 Antonio Ripoll Gadgets Deck Profile
Sweden May 26/27 Teodor Hurtigh Isaacs Chaos Dragon -
Switzerland May 26 Reto Canova Inzektor Videos
Turkey June 3 Murat Bicakci Dino Rabbit Photos
United Kingdom June 9/10 Jovhan Roberts Dino Rabbit -
Venezuela May 20 José David Martinez HERO Decklist (Winner)

Note: This is an unofficial list, and as such may not be 100% accurate.