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Ireland gets its own National Championship again!

If you're a fellow Irish Duelist and somewhat experienced with the history of the game in the country, you'll know that in recent times we've had to travel to the UK to compete in a shared National Championship. Well that's about to change!

Source: Konami

National Championship – Ireland

June 2, 2012

Venue Adress
Astra Hall, UCD Students Centre
Belfield Campus,
University College Dublin,
Dublin 8

Entry fee for the main event: 15 EUR
Entry fee for Dragon Duel: 5 EUR

09:00 Registration Opens
10:00 Pairing for Round 1 Posted
10:15 Welcome Speach
10:30 Round 1 Starts
13:30 Lunch (30mins)
14:00 Round 4 Starts
19:30 Cut to Top 16

There will be a WCQ: Regionals tournament in the same venue on Sunday.
For more information on the event, please contact:

Now be sure to show some good faith and make it a packed event hall!