Friday Roundup: May 11th | The Irish Duelist

Friday Roundup: May 11th

Here's a brief look at some of the most popular stories from around the Yugiweb this week. You can find all the links of note on The Irish Duelist's Twitter page.

Building the Battle Pack – Part 4: YCS Philadelphia Debut + Glossy Black/White Rares

Kevin Tewart of Konami gives us another insight into the creation of the Battle Packs, their rarities and some cards you can win.

Every Rose Has Its Thorns; Top 32 YCS Chicago

Joe Giorlando tells us all about his Top 32 performance at YCS Chaicago, how he prepared for the event and how he got on.

The New Priority - Part 2

Jason Meyer is back to spread a little more insight on the recent changes and definitions to Fast Effect Timing.

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