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Title update and more beta keys for Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM

It looks like Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM has hit the ground running. Following a successful launch of their open beta and detailed feedback from the community, a title update was released for the game last night, along with 5000 more beta keys for those who've yet to try the game out.

Source: Facebook

A huge thank you to all of you for taking the time to write to us about all the bugs, glitches and problems you have been experiencing. By doing so you are actually shaping the game itself, and we wouldn’t be able to perfect it without you. Based on what you have found we are making the following updates during the maintenance:

  • Faster load time
  • The quest “Best Amongst Friends” bug has been solved (you can now complete it)
  • Deck balancing for chapters 1 - 15
  • Power-up balancing
  • New hints and tooltips
  • Edits to storyline texts & tooltips
  • Multiple bug fixes and improvements including:
    • Fixed: Chapter 10: Game crashed when re-playing boss fights
    • Fixed: Chapter 20 - The "Ambush" node next to "End" can’t be completed
    • Fixed: Some travel nodes can't be clicked in some chapter maps.

To enable us to make and implement these changes, please be aware that there might be some technical downtime. You’ll be able to play a new and improved version very soon so thank you for your patience!

Did you not have the chance to invite all your friends to test open beta? Do you still wanna BAM?

Following the success of the first 5000 testing keys and the invaluable bug reports and feedback you have sent us, we have decided to release an additional 5000 keys! We want to push our servers harder and get rid of as many bugs as possible but to do so we need more help from you guys.

Broaden the beta community, invite your friends and get ready for the second round!