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3 Surprising Battle Pack Picks!

Here's my latest article for Konami's official strategy site, looking at some of the more surprising cards you can use in Battle Pack sealed events in order to gain an advantage. It's also available on Konami.com.

After months of anticipation Battle Pack: Epic Dawn is finally upon us and Sealed Play is here! One of the most interesting things about playing in Sealed events is that you end up using cards that you might never really come across in Advanced Format play. There are some cards here that might not seem the strongest, but in a format like this can break Duels wide open. Here are a few of my favourites!

Offerings to the Doomed is a simple card with a simple effect: Destroy a face-up monster and skip your next Draw Phase. Normally the “skip your next Draw Phase” portion of the card would put people off using Offerings to the Doomed but in Sealed Play it’s well worth the risk. Most of your Duels will have relatively slow pace compared to Advanced Format which means you can afford to skip a Draw Phase every so often, and getting rid of a massive monster is well worth doing so.

Offerings to the Doomed is also a Quick-Play Spell Card, which means you can use it on your opponent’s turn or Chain it to all sorts of cards. You can also use it during the Battle Phase, both to stop your opponent’s attacks and to push through your own. One of my favourite moves is to attack with a low ATK monster into their higher ATK one, see if they respond with Mirror Force, Ring of Destruction or something else, and play it out from there. If they don’t destroy my monster I can use Offerings to the Doomed to destroy theirs and free the field for a direct attack, and if they do then I can Set it in Main Phase 2 and use it when I need to.

Goblindbergh’s a fun little card that can set up some epic comebacks! When this Level 4 monster’s Normal Summoned, you can Special Summon another Level 4 or Lower monster from your hand (and then turn Goblindbergh to Defense Position). If you’re holding another Level 4 monster in your hand then you can quickly go from an empty field to a Rank 4 Xyz Monster, like Number 39: Utopia or Gemknight Pearl! Special Summon combos like this don’t come along very often in Sealed Play, but when they do they can be quite impressive.

You can also set up some other neat plays, like Special Summoning Exiled Force and Tributing it to destroy your opponent’s monster, while using Goblindbergh to defend your Life Points next turn. That’s a decent play to make if you suspect they’ve got a way to stop your Xyz Monster from hitting the field or taking down their monster. Also, if you keep both monsters on the field for long enough, you can set up a Tribute Summon or Dark Magician of Chaos or (if you’re lucky) Obelisk the Tormentor later on.

One thing you’ll quickly begin to notice when Dueling in Sealed events is the importance of every battle between you and your opponents’ monsters. When you’re getting ready to Tribute Summon one of your Deck’s strongest monsters or setting up an Xyz play, the last thing you need is for your monsters to be destroyed. Even if your Spells and Traps get destroyed, Hedge Guard can come out of nowhere to foil your opponent’s plans!

Hedge Guard can be sent from your hand to the Graveyard to prevent one of your monsters from being destroyed in battle this turn. It also halves that monster’s ATK, but if your monster is in Defense Position or you have a lot of Life Points that won’t worry you in the slightest, as you get to keep your monster and use it for your big play next turn.

The other great thing about Hedge Guard is that your opponent won’t see it coming until you use it, so even when they think they’ve done everything to clear the way for an attack, you can still stop them at the last second! Finally, if you don’t need it’s effect but still need to defend, Hedge Guard’s 2100 DEF is enough to fend off most opposing monsters, making it one of the useful defensive cards you can add to your Deck.

These are just 3 out of the many cards that’ll amaze you when you actually get to grips with them in Sealed Play, and you can experience many more hidden gems in Battle Pack: Epic Dawn right now!