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YCS Sheffield will be a Sealed Event

Konami have posted some information about the upcoming YCS to be held in Sheffield (UK) in September. The event will be a world first for the game.

Source: Konami

YCS Sheffield will be a very special YCS: Instead of Advanced Constructed, this event will be played as a Sealed Pack event! Duelists will receive 10 boosters Battle Pack: Epic Dawn and construct a 30-card Deck out of the cards in those packs. This way, everyone starts out with the same chances, even if they do not own a high-end Constructed Deck! More information on Sealed Pack Play in general can be found here.

This change does not mean that every YCS from now on will be Sealed Pack – YCS Barcelona will be again played in Advanced Constructed format. However, we do plan to host some of our future YCS events as Sealed Pack.
To celebrate this very first Yu-Gi-Oh! Premier event using Sealed Pack Play, every participant will receive a very unique gamemat as participation prize!

More information on the YCS can be found in the source link above.