Friday Roundup: July 13th | The Irish Duelist

Friday Roundup: July 13th

Here's a brief look at some of the most popular stories from around the Yugiweb this week. You can find all the links of note on The Irish Duelist's Twitter page, which is also shown in the live ticker on the right-hand side of this page.

Return of the Duelist previews (TCGShiyo)

Chris Kirkham's series of in-depth card previews continues with Return of the Duelist.

Europe And America: How Wind-Ups Won (TCGPlayer)

"How did a deck with minimal representation in the last few YCS tournaments go on to win not just the North American WCQ, but also Europe's WCQ in Milan one week later? They say hindsight's twenty-twenty, so today I want to spend some time and look a little deeper. Let's take a minute to review the decks that won our two most recent WCQ's..."

Taking down Obelisk the Tormentor (Konami)

"Obelisk the Tormentor is the most powerful card you’ll likely ever see in Sealed Play. It’s got the highest original ATK and DEF of anything in Battle Pack: Epic Dawn, it’s got several effects that protect it from opposing cards, and can destroy all of an opponent’s monsters at once. It’s almost an invincible monster, and if you want to win a big Sealed Play tournament like the Ultimate Challenge or the upcoming YCS in Sheffield you’ll have to learn how to deal with it!"

The Future.. (Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM)

"Social Media is constantly evolving and therefore so must Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM! In order to keep BAM at the cutting edge of social gaming, we constantly adapt it according to both social media updates and your feedback. But what exactly is next for Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM?"

NAWCQ Tournament Report with Billy Brake (ARG)

"Good luck to all of [the World Championship representatives] and hopefully they will be able to bring home the gold to the United States for the first time in Yugi-history! Sadly, I did not finish so well and will not be able to join them on this quest. I am however going to share with you what deck I ran and how I did this past weekend. Even though I did not win I was still quite happy with the deck I ran, but sometime luck just isn’t on your sad and that is important to remember if you are a competitive duelist."

WCQ: European Championship 2012 – Coverage overview day 0 (Konami Europe)
WCQ: European Championship 2012 – Coverage overview day 1
WCQ: European Championship 2012 – Coverage overview day 2

All the action from last weekend's WCQ: European Championship in Milan.

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