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Return of the Duelist Sneak Peek info.

Konami have posted info about the Sneak Peek for Return of the Duelist, which'll take place in a few weeks time.

Source: Konami
The Sneak Peeks for the new set, Return of the Duelist, will be held on August 18/19!

Be the first one to play with the brand-new cards from the latest booster pack, Return of the Duelist – before they’re available in most stores!

Time itself has gone out of control! Monsters that can see into the future. Monsters from the distant past. Monsters from… dessert??? It’s a time-travel paradox gone wild.

Prophecy monsters are a new kind of Spellcaster, who are searching for the deepest secrets of creation. They already possess the fortune-telling power of the cards (since they came from cards themselves). Now they’re aiming for a new source of power: Spellbooks…

Return of the Duelist also brings up a number of other new themes, like “Geargia” machines that constantly bring new Geargias into play, or “Madolche” monsters that go back into the Deck instead of to the Graveyard when they are destroyed. Nostalgic fans and players can also look forward to new cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX era.

Don’t miss your chance to get those new cards early, at a Sneak Peek event near you!

You can find a list of participating (European) stores here.