Friday Roundup: August 24th | The Irish Duelist

Friday Roundup: August 24th

Here's a brief look at some of the most popular stories from around the Yugiweb this week. You can find all the links of note on The Irish Duelist's Twitter page, which is also shown in the live ticker on the right-hand side.

Cards you want to see as foils? (Pojo)

Is there a cared you like out there that you wish was a rarity higher than common? Post in this thread and it may become a reality.

Help choose the next ALPHA promo. (Pojo)

This Shonen Jump Alpha representative is looking for yout thoughts on which card should be the next one they give away with their magazine.

YCS Toronto FAQ (Konami)

We’re minus a web designer this week, so we’re posting the YCS – Toronto FAQs here in the interim. Sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience! Hope to see you there!

Exodia in the Top 8 of Worlds (TCGPlayer)

I was one of the five players representing North America and I enjoyed doing so. I went all the way to the Top 8 in the World Championship, and the person that I lost to eventually won the event which would place me 5th. The shocking thing about this event is that I topped without playing a meta deck, as most of you say. I decided to play a deck that's the game's original alternate win condition.

Developers’ Diary: The Duel Arena! (Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM)

Things have really been heating up these last weeks at the Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM headquarters with the development of the Duel Arena! We’ve been working extra hard to create a feature that’s not only workable and accessible, but that also takes into account your valued suggestions.

New Project: YCS Sheffield Game Mat (

For the past few years I've been a writer on Konami's Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG website(s), providing gameplay tips and tournament coverage to the game's many players. A while back I was asked by Konami Europe to design an exclusive Game Mat for YCS Sheffield, and here it is.

Forbidden & Limited Lists for September 2012 (Konami)

Just incase you hadn't spotted it already, Konami updated their lists for the new format which starts next weekend.

Have you spotted any blogs or sites that frequently provide interesting Yu-Gi-Oh! content? If so feel free to post a link below (English language, written content only) and it may get added to the live updater.