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It's World Championship Weekend!

Every August the world's greatest Duelists converge to compete in the tournament to end all tournaments, and become immortalised in Dueling history as a Yu-Gi-Oh! World Champion. That time has come again and less than a day from now the chosen few will be battling it out in Tokyo for the ultimate honour.

In addition to being this year's highlight event, the World Championship is taking place for the 10th time, and it looks like we're in for a special treat.

For a start, the events will be streamed live, the first time this has ever happened. There will be both a Japanese and English stream, I've embedded the latter below and times are available in the links.

Just like last year, D-Summon of Dueling Days is at the event with the Singapore representative. I met him when covering Amsterdam 2011, he's an awesome guy. Check out his blog daily to see what's been going on in Tokyo and all the cool things the competitors have been getting up to. He's already posted about "Day 0".

For those attending, there should be a lot of interesting things to do. I plucked this quote from Duelistgroundz which referenced the Japanese site.

Location 1 is the Event State where you can watch the state of each game on the Big Screen. Be on the look out for Special Events and Guests that will explain the matches.

Location 2 is the General Dueling Area (Duel Corner) for the non-Age Limit part of the tournament.

Location 3 is the Duel Corner for Elementary School and younger. Also installed is an area for parents to keep an eye on their children.

Location 4 is an exhibtiion of Kazuki's Duel Art pictures in bigger blown-up forms as an art exhibit.

Location 5 is a Commorative Photograph Corner where you can get a picture of yourself as a Yu-Gi-Oh! Card, it's also recommended to bring your Camera Phones and Cameras to take pictures.

Location 6 is some sort of Game Corner with a Darts like game you can play, if you don't know how to YGO.

Location 7 is an Exhibit showing 10 years of Yu-Gi-Oh! Worlds history.

Location 8 is the Trophy Display Area.

Location 9 is where the Finalists will be introduced.

Location 10 is where Surveys will be handled.

Having been to Worlds last year I can say it's an incredible experience, and those lucky enough to be in Japan right now will certainly enjoy it. As for the rest of us, it's going to be an early morning to catch the liver coverage but I'm as interested as anybody to find out who'll emerge victorious.