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I've been involved with art & design for as long as I can remember, from drawing at an early age to making the most of creative subjects in secondary school. In 2006 I took on 4 years of Fine Art at Limerick School of Art & Design, where I came across the wonders of the Adobe Creative Suite for the first time. I spent the majority of my time on whatever computers were available on campus, learning everything I could while applying it to my main studies and projects.

After graduating in 2010 I've been concentrating on creating new artwork, trying new things and getting involved with the design dommunity. I like to keep myself busy, so whenever I'm not working on client projects I've got several things on the go, from my design and gaming blogs to creating new artwork that I sell in the store. Sometimes these ventures interact with each other, and it's always exciting to work on a project that involves your personal interests.

Outside of art and design I have a keen interest in trading card games, having competed in many prestigous events across Europe and the United States. Many Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG players would know me from The Irish Duelist, a blog I created to give players updates, insight and opinion on the Dueling world. The blogs success lead to me working with the creators of the game, providing strategy content on Konami.com. I've also had the honour of working in many different countries with the European coverage team, providing live updates to a global audience.